Obscenity is an Art: defending profanity in poetry.

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There’s an art to sh*t, f*ck, p*ss, c*nt, c*cksucker, motherf*cker, t*ts.

Since its conception art has battled society over what the artists saw as freedom of expression and what concerned leaders labeled as obscenity. Painters, playwrights, filmmakers, authors, and poets. All have suffered from a sensitive few that mount their soapboxes and claim to be society’s protectors.

These few have no sense of subtext; their creativity is oppressed by a narrow-mindedness designed to cull impurity before it might offend. They immediately declared photographer Bill Henson’s 2008 exhibit featuring photographs of naked children as pornographic. In 1957, these purity watchers slapped Allen Ginsberg with an obscenity trial for his poem “Howl”.

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The Daily Urinal and school plagues.

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My high school, a small private affair, was a typical prep-school. It was even once an all girls boarding school. We wore uniforms (saddle shoes every day for six years. No wonder I have no sense of fashion in college). We had a milk break.

In 2004 a student started the daily one-sheet, two-column newspaper “The Daily Urinal”. It was originally politically (and conservatively) slanted but has morphed since then into a hotbed forum for students to talk (rant) about pretty much anything. The DU published silly debates (which sport is better) or serious ones (political, school policy) between students or students and teachers. One boy’s article attacking the lack of diversity at school caused a large schism among students and staff alike. The administration got involved. This was, I think, the point at which the DU surpassed the school paper as “the” paper to read. The DU began a small circulation to only boys bathrooms. The staff was completely male, though they accepted guest articles from either gender. I wrote several guest articles. My junior year they began staffing one female who wrote under a pseudonym and revealed her identity at the end of the year. I was the female staff writer in 2008 writing under the name James Tiptree.

Here is one article I wrote:

San Francisco Zookeepers Mystified on Escape Again Attention urinators: It’s time to dust off your gas masks, fight like rabid soccer moms for the Costco sized hand sanitizers (or just steal Hartman’s), and haul out your ever-handy full body bubble. Two kids were not-so-mysteriously missing from my math class today. I saw the nurse make the somber call to a seventh grader’s parents on Friday. Honey, it’s baaack. The ’06 winter plague escaped from its inadequate cardboard box enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo and it smells juicy Bishop’s immune systems.

The plague did a number on us last winter, depleting class sizes to the actual student teacher ratio Bishop’s advertises on its pamphlets. It ruined my perfect attendance record – not that I didn’t try my best to knock my mother out so that I could go to school. But it seems for the millionth time that my mother had a point – and this time it was a good one (I love you mom). The plague is a sadistic machine that feeds on our fear of missing school, ending up at Parker, and consequently failing at life. Thus, we stumble to class to share fevers and phlegm and other bodily fluids that should be spread to siblings at home rather than to our schoolmates. It’s fun to brag that you suffered swallowing your stomach contents so that you wouldn’t miss APUSH. It isn’t as much fun for the three kids in APUSH and your Spanish teacher that you infected. So rather than making it easier for the aliens to beam us away for their many experiments do us all a favor and stay home.


some back to school stick figure commentary

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The Back To School pros:

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Pet Peeves in College

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Pet peeves I’ve picked up or carried over into college:

  • Chewing gum. There is no way humanly possible to chew gum without sounding like you’re chewing the cud. It’s loud and gross. The only excuse is airlines. I chew gum now and then, but I usually swallow it within minutes. Ewwww says you. It is a habit to be discussed at a later date. I especially hate it when people chew gum in a quiet place (library) where I am trying to study. It is quite hard to analyze Orwell with you popping your gum every other second.
  • Ring Tones that are obscenely loud. In the middle of a movie – or a presentation – and suddenly “Crank dat Soulja Boy, Now watch me you, Crank dat Soulja boy”. Seriously? Unless you leave your phone in the car and expect to hear it if it rings when you are in a building a quarter mile away – use the vibrate mode. I don’t want to know when the world blesses you with a call. I want to hear my movie. kthanx. Continue Reading Pet Peeves in College…

The list: what to bring into the next world (College).

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This is a basic list my mum and I put together to use when we get to Philadelphia for some serious College Survival Shopping before I move in to the dorms. I have it in Excel and a PDF so if anyone knows where to host those files so I can post a link rather than a printscreen, let me know. Thanks. If you want to print it out I can email you the excel file. If I update the list I’ll post an “EDIT” notificiation at the top of this post. (sorry, as you can see I’m having serious problems with sizing, but the links work fine).

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How to ace an abomb final: The poem that saved my high school honor roll career.

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1. A mulligan is a redo
2. Curiosity killed the cat; satisfaction brought it back.
3. Charon (Greek mythology) ferried the dead to the underworld.
4. Dresden was a German city firebombed to oblivion by the Allied forces in WWII

Curiosity Killed The Cat.

The little girl asked,
What is a planet?

Well, little girl, ask that club
that kicked out Pluto
like it was a drunk and bumming soul
that had no place in high society.

Science will balk,
but file a civil suit
and give Pluto back its class ring.
They are the bouncers that –
with their brass brains and reason –
stand outside the Earthbound arches
duck duck goosing answers of their choosing
to the common man
while we
Jane and John Doe
take our Flintstone vitamin C
and know what they want us to know.

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