Millie the cow suffers from Turrets Syndrome.

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Brought to you by YouSillyGoose comics and Microsoft Paint.


My great-grandmother is a zombie. There is no way to vanquish Alzheimers.

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Last night while on the phone to my mother an image struck me of my great grandmother. She was pointing to the traditional M&Ms bowl she kept on her coffee table when my sister and I were kids. We called her Nanny and a visit to her house meant candy (naturally), card games, and small ceramic clowns that decorated furnature around the house.

She was a jump-roping woman even at the age of 80. Wrinkles in her eyes, in her face, in her hands. I have a picture in which I am about 6 and have covered Nanny, who is sitting peacefully in a chair, with beanie babies. On her head, shoulders, and lap beanie babies abounded.

I was lucky to know my great grandmother while she lived.

By the time I was old enough to appreciate how awesome my great grandmother really was, Nanny was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She had a heart attack when I was 12. Hospital visiting hours; this was the first time she forgot my name.

While her memory wasted away, Nanny’s spunk remained quite intact. My mother, sister, and I visited her at her daughter’s house (my great aunt). Nanny asked how we were getting home and insinuated that she’d drive us. My mother said, “No, Nanny you can’t do that.” to which my great grandmother responded “Don’t give me that shit Kathrine, where are my keys?” Continue Reading My great-grandmother is a zombie. There is no way to vanquish Alzheimers….

Here, have my belly button. Organ Donation.

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So a belly button’s not exactly an organ, but you can have it anyway.

I’m officially a registered organ donor in the state of California. I’m a little unclear on the reach of the registry: if I die in state other than California does the donor registry still apply?

Currently in the United States one must opt in to become an organ donor. Usually this is done by checking a box when you get or renew your license. You can also go to for information on organ donating. Almost all 50 states have state donor registries. This page lists links to state registries.

I believe very strongly in organ donation and think that the United States should adopt an opt-out policy, where at birth every person is registered as a donor with the option to remove their name from the registry at any time. Continue Reading Here, have my belly button. Organ Donation….

i recently discovered my disturbing inability to draw a frog.

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the fuckit tadpole.

the fuckit tadpole.

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