Rescue Societies rock this world. Do away with kill-shelters!

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I’d appreciate if you’d vote for Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. We foster a 1 year old pup from CGSR who had serious kennel cough and hip problems. The CGSR paid for his surgery and recovery (while we fostered him) so that he can be adopted out to a family that loves him — (we love him but we can’t keep him!). Rescues are awesome organizations. They keep dogs out of kennels while they are waiting to be adopted and pay for medical bills to help them stay heathly for adoption. This also keeps one more dog out of a dirty shelter and gives shelters more space (especially important for “kill” shelters) My mum volunteers at the CGSR.

If you vote for us, thank you so much! (My pup, Banjo, says *slobber* which is his way of thanking you. And saying pet me.)



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