Pet Peeves in College

September 22, 2008 at 8:02 pm | Posted in school | Leave a comment
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Pet peeves I’ve picked up or carried over into college:

  • Chewing gum. There is no way humanly possible to chew gum without sounding like you’re chewing the cud. It’s loud and gross. The only excuse is airlines. I chew gum now and then, but I usually swallow it within minutes. Ewwww says you. It is a habit to be discussed at a later date. I especially hate it when people chew gum in a quiet place (library) where I am trying to study. It is quite hard to analyze Orwell with you popping your gum every other second.
  • Ring Tones that are obscenely loud. In the middle of a movie – or a presentation – and suddenly “Crank dat Soulja Boy, Now watch me you, Crank dat Soulja boy”. Seriously? Unless you leave your phone in the car and expect to hear it if it rings when you are in a building a quarter mile away – use the vibrate mode. I don’t want to know when the world blesses you with a call. I want to hear my movie. kthanx.
  • Designer sunglasses. Few people – let alone teenage college girls who think they are hip – can pull the designer sunglasses off (inside) and not look like pretentious asshats. Yes, Italian girl. Take them off or forever be victim to my silent back row italian wrath.
  • Doors that open counterintuitively. All doors should open and close the same way. It sounds simple, but figuring out on a door to door basis which way is open probably wastes a total 2 months of someone’s life in the long run. (Like he whole: the average american spends 6 months of their total life waiting at red lights). This pet peeve stems from a recent embarassing excapade (though I blame the midnight hour and lack of caffeiene; I seriously had to ask someone to open the door for me. At which point I discovered the door opens in.)
  • People that respond to long letters/emails with one or two sentences. I am your facebook friend that writes a decent message in your inbox or wall (or in your email). I expect that five paragraphs of material is enough fodder to get you at least two paragraphs of response. Minimal response is even more annoying when it is a reaction to a hand written letter. I took the time, spent the postage in this day and age to send you a letter and you email me with Thanks? Copy and paste Orwell’s “A Hanging” if you have to – but I want a damned reasonably sized response.
  • The beeping noises trucks make when they reverse. Trucks park outside my dorm room every morning starting at 8 a.m. Their incessant noises penetrate our thin thin college windows like a hot knife to cream chocolate pie (which I was cutting for four hours tonight for my dinner shift). The noises do not cease until noon. Prediction: my roommate and I cut our ears off, rig the street outside our window with mines, die of anger by the end of the semester.
  • Bugs that die in my screen and don’t have the decency to at least have their corpses fall to the bottom of the LCD.

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