The list: what to bring into the next world (College).

June 29, 2008 at 7:29 pm | Posted in school | 2 Comments

This is a basic list my mum and I put together to use when we get to Philadelphia for some serious College Survival Shopping before I move in to the dorms. I have it in Excel and a PDF so if anyone knows where to host those files so I can post a link rather than a printscreen, let me know. Thanks. If you want to print it out I can email you the excel file. If I update the list I’ll post an “EDIT” notificiation at the top of this post. (sorry, as you can see I’m having serious problems with sizing, but the links work fine).

A great extended list can be found at .

page one (

page two (





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  1. I have a distinctive problem with shopping lists and survival lists and other such DIY checklists. I don’t like the apparent attempt at rigidity. It’s dominating and intimidating.

  2. My mother loves lables and lists. (You should see our pantry – everything is marked). I like lists; they’re becons for the clueless swimmer. And they don’t have to be rigid. There’s no rule against modifications.

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