Your smile was the first death in the family.

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**I’m cleaning out my computer’s hard drive and I found a bunch of creative writing blergs from high school. They are mostly from sophomore and junior year.

Your smile was the first death in the family.

The last time I saw you smile, it was a Thursday night. I remember because you laughed at a dumb joke I told about Dick Cheney. I was particularly happy with myself because I made the joke up on my own. We were washing dishes and you were listening to me complain about corporate monopolies and the outrageous rise in Girl Scout cookies. Used to my pessimistic rants, you indulged me with a neutral shake of your head and passed me Mom’s X-Files mug to dry. There was still a smudge of cocoa on the bottom, but I put it back on the shelf anyway. Continue Reading Your smile was the first death in the family….


stick figure commentary: my life at parties.

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so today i
1. went to bed at 4am because I watched an episode of MASH and then ended up talking with my friend Sarah Jane until 4am.
2. woke up at 8 to go to sat. volunteer service in philly. tore through sarah jane’s door with death glares on my way out.
3. went into philly to work with the Mezzoni Center, an AIDS testing, counseling outreach center for gays lesbians bisexuals etc. Basically spent 3 hours with 5 gay guys and 4 other bryn mawr girls putting together condom outreach packets. So much fun.
4. came back to dorm and slept until 5:30.
5. the rain killed me on the way back from dinner. even with an umbrella and only 2 minutes outside to get to another building, my jeans, shoes and socks were soaked. those without umbrellas looked like they’d jumped in a pool.
6. went to my first college party.
7. no there was no alcohol, it was a mormon church party. (my sister: “Did you resist the alcohol?” Me: “It was a mormon church party.” sister: “oh so did you get alcohol?” Me: “…” sister: “Oh I thought you were being sarcastic.”)
8. for realz. My friend Sarah JAne invited me.
9. Carved a batman signal into a pumpkin while we were at the party. it looks badass.
10. it is 1:13am and i am now going to watch Music Man with Sarah Jane or kick her ass in Mario Kart.

the end.
(my last day of being 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My grandmother has more beanie babies than you.

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We went to grandmother’s last Thursday and Friday. She’s moving to a condo and needs help sifting through the heaps and heaps of things – some of which are 20, 30, 40 years old – in her house and garage. My grandmother lives in an upper class LA neighborhood where the houses are alternately ugly and humongous or quaint expensive one story abodes. Apparently, my grandmother and Dustin Hoffman frequent the same Starbucks. This led to my sister’s “Was that Dustin Hoffman?” after every car that sped by. Continue Reading My grandmother has more beanie babies than you….

An open letter to The Pizza Boy.

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Pizza Boy.
I think you work at Dominos. All Pizza companies run together in my mind.

You came to the house a month or more ago and I didn’t have enough money to pay you. I was babysitting and the mom hadn’t left me enough cash. I couldn’t even pay you from my own wallet because I hadn’t brought any money with me.

I was so embarrassed, my red face was probably registered as a red light source by scientists.
I was ready to pack up the kids and march you to my house, which was only a 80 second walk away, to raid our cash jar. Continue Reading An open letter to The Pizza Boy….

Harry Potter, Kris Kringle, and Jesus.

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sorry to burst your hot hair balloon, but that’s no secret.

My mum and I rented the Kate Blanchet movie The Gift. Rating: Eh. About a woman who sees visions.

My mum said, “I believe in ESP. Do you?” “Like what, you can tell what im thinking?” “No. Hightened perception. I believe everyone has it but some are more in tune to it.” “You believe people have visions?” “Yes.” “So you believe Tarot cards work?” “Sure.” Continue Reading Harry Potter, Kris Kringle, and Jesus….

There is a bug in my house and I will FREAK OUT if I want to.

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And this bug is huge. The “I lived at a nuclear plant and was bombarded with radiation which leads us to today where i am obscenely large, scary, leggy, and crawling on your walls” huge.

I have admitted before that shame shame everybody knows my name I am a girl and spiders creep me out. From a recent diary entry:

There is a spider in the downstairs bathtub. It is a quarter and a dime sized. It hasn’t moved in three days. I stare at it every time I go in that bathroom to pee. I have this thing about animals in bathrooms. Ever since I heard (saw?) that story about a woman that sat down on the toilet to pee and didn’t realize that a snake had crawled up through the sewer system and it was now staring at her ass. I am now paranoid about checking the toilet for all sorts of unexpected surprises. I also have this thing about spiders, but that is one of many pathetic qualities (this perhaps the most female of them) that I have woven into my character development. Continue Reading There is a bug in my house and I will FREAK OUT if I want to….

Sucker punched by my cat.

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Since we got Banjo, the foster german shepherd pup, our kitten, Milo, has been acting like a toddler who got an unwanted baby brother. For a few weeks he refused to come downstairs, only to eat and even then we had to put his food on the top shelf of the desk. Mum found him drinking out of the toilets (blegh) upstairs and I kept finding poop outside of the litterbox in the office (he’s acting out).

Milo’s usually ok with dogs. He’s absolutely perfect with Maggie because she completely ignores him and him her. He’s ok with Molly, who likes to play but doesn’t antagonize him by following him around. He’s comfortable enough to sit on the couch while she lays next to it and he’ll lean down and SWAT at her tail (and then look innocently away as if to say “What? It was a passing breeze”). Continue Reading Sucker punched by my cat….

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