Hobbies include: sitting on babies, impersonating Xena, & breathing.

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I’m still here. Haven’t been abducted by the aliens yet. That’s for another day.

I spent the last week on writing hiatus mostly due to sitting on babies for 7 dollars an hour.

1. Babysat an 11 month old for 3 hours every day (9am-12pm) for a week which takes a lot out of you. Especially waking up at 8am on a summer sleep schedule.

2. On Friday I babysat the 11 month old and my sister babysat a 2 1/2 year old. We were at the same place so we sat on our charges together. It was like real life nanny bonding. Chatting at the park while watching our respective charges amongst the other outsourced babysitters and young mothers (and the rare father), I felt like a bonafide Nanny. Only I wasn’t from another country and the money I made was for my plane ticket for Thanksgiving not a motel and food for the week. Continue Reading Hobbies include: sitting on babies, impersonating Xena, & breathing….


i see why some insects eat their young.

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Guess which child is me.

So it’s summer. Hot enough to make the hydro-squemish in me think seriously about cannon balling into the backyard pool. Summer enough that the Ducks, which for the second consecutive year mated birthed and defecated in our pool, have more or less left. 8 baby ducks this year to the delight or perhaps deep behind the glass frustration of my cat. Either way they didn’t last long. One suffocated under the pool cover (we took it off the next day) and presumably the 7 remaining were eaten by rival ducks. Nasty duck fight went down in our pool a few weeks ago. My mother’s the one thinking the ducklings became entrees. Continue Reading i see why some insects eat their young….

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