So you have a TV and it’s throwing the Fall 09 broadcast schedule at you. What should you watch?

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There are so many shows to watch. If we’re talking only new shows HitFlix posted a decent top 12 premiere watch list. And yes, all twelve are on my calendar scrawled over and under Mid-term and paper due dates. That thing nagging you to stop knowing me is my overpowering Geekdome. If we’re talking returning shows we’ve got a delicious platter for you this fall including Dollhouse, Dexter, Chuck, 30 Rock, Leverage, Sanctuary, and Legend of the Seeker (gotta get my Cheese fix somewhere).

I really have no life, but I’m okay with that because I love experiencing new stories through books and, well, TV. Perhaps I’m just fumbling to justify my television addiction (is watching Dollhouse every night any better than an addiction to America’s Next Top Model?)  but there is a lot of well written, acted, and imagined tv out there. You just have to find it…and give it a chance (Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS-hint, hink, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, PUNCH).

So, tv addiction. Yes. After I watched Legend of the Seeker Season 1 almost in its entirety (I’m saving last 5 eps for when I need a pick me up) I moved on to find a new addiction host. The host turned out to be SciFi’s* Sanctuary, a show about a woman who protects and seeks out “abnormals” and brings them back to her fortress, a place called the Sanctuary. It may sound hokey, but I actually believe in the show’s premise. They don’t outright reference aliens but I believe aliens exist and why not “abnormals” hiding among humans?

*I refuse to give in to the cracknobbed loobies who named it SyFy.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that I got all worked up after watching Sanctuary Season 1 over the holiday weekend (while my roommate was out partying – morman style – for three straight days, I watched scifi shows in between italian homework) and dispatched a passionate fan letter to the Sanctuary fansite.

Pete, Sanctuary fansite head honcho, called me. He left a message since I 1) was in class and 2) don’t answer the phone unless I know who it is..and even then it’s shoddy chances if I’ll pick up.

“Hey, this is Pete, head of the Sanctuary fansite. Great to read your email. I definitely believe in Aliens too. Call me back, I want to talk to you about filming a fan video to put on the website.”

I hadn’t even realized that I’d provided a cell number in my email. I don’t know why I did because I have a ridiculous phone phobia. Basically, I’m super shy (read: socially inept) and hate face to face conversations, but for some reason my social awkwardness is exasperated over the phone.** So I hate phones and I rarely answer them. I text. I’ll text my way to the grave. From my coffin: “G2G. TTYL.”

To compound the situation I’ve never “vlogged” before. It’s all the rage, but I haven’t picked up the fad. I’m dead in the water when it comes to webcams, podcasts, and uploading video to YouTube. I’m more comfortable ranting, raving, giggling, kvetching, and making glib remarks in the written form.

My fingers are funny, not my face. Wait…

(my sister, 3000 miles away, was just overcome with the damndest feeling that she’d missed a prime sibling-bashing opportunity)

Needless to say, I haven’t called Pete back. Instead, when our resident fly kept me up one night with his leaf blower wings whapping around my room, I took a running leap into the VlogVerse.

….so this whole entry was supposed to just lead into the video. I’m a longwinded goober. Here it is. Honestly, let me know how to make it better and if you know any free easy to use video editing software to use for stuff like this I’d greatly appreciate the tip. I used Windows Movie Maker which is too stale and sparse for my tastes (what I’d give for a mac at times like these).

** Case in point: Roommate and I wondered, as college students do, at 1 AM how late Wendy’s stays open. Sure that they were closed, roommate told me to call anyway and see if they recorded their hours on their machine. I thought it was a good idea. Until they answered.

“Wendys, this is Dave, how may I help you?”
“oh! hi. I didn’t expect you to be open. Wow. Uh, what are your hours?”
“open at 10, dining closes at 10 except on weekends we’re open until midnight.”
“oh, thanks. Wait, why aren’t you closed now? It’s 1am.”
“we’re still closing down and cleaning up.”
“oh, right. uh, thanks for answering the phone.”
“no problem. goodnight.”

*I walk into the living room to find Roommate incoherent, caught in the throes of a Giggle Fit*


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    Good blog, I just came across it and I’m already a fan.

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