Rescue Societies rock this world. Do away with kill-shelters!

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I’d appreciate if you’d vote for Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. We foster a 1 year old pup from CGSR who had serious kennel cough and hip problems. The CGSR paid for his surgery and recovery (while we fostered him) so that he can be adopted out to a family that loves him — (we love him but we can’t keep him!). Rescues are awesome organizations. They keep dogs out of kennels while they are waiting to be adopted and pay for medical bills to help them stay heathly for adoption. This also keeps one more dog out of a dirty shelter and gives shelters more space (especially important for “kill” shelters) My mum volunteers at the CGSR.

If you vote for us, thank you so much! (My pup, Banjo, says *slobber* which is his way of thanking you. And saying pet me.)



Banjo’s surgery & wedding cake makery

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The vet called my mum’s cell phone on Wednesday at 10am. “We can do Banjo’s surgery now.”

Mom (at work): “Umok? He ate breakfast already, is that ok?” Vet: “Yeah, yeah just bring him in. You can pick him up at 7am tomorrow.” Mom: “Ummmok?”

Mom (calling me frantically): “wakeupyouhavetotakebanjotothevet.” Me: “umok?”

We didn’t even get to spoil the puppy before he got ripped into by the humans in masks. Continue Reading Banjo’s surgery & wedding cake makery…

I was thinking (and how did that go for you?): Romance Novels, Accidental Homicide, Pregnancy Tests.

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My thoughts in bullet form.

  • I’ve relapsed. I slipped a week or so ago, thought I had a hold on it, but last night I knew for sure that I was in trouble. I am addicted to cheese – that is terribly plotted- ijusthrewupinmymouth dialogued- repetitive and predictable by the slowest of us – romance novels. God. I picked up the habit in tenth grade. I needed something to read and by golly Nora Roberts had half a bookstore to herself. I was a little awed, a little jealous. By the end of sophomore year I’d read every Roberts book in the local libraries (and had them placed on hold and transferred if the library was understocked; I throw myself into my habits to the point of self harm*). I moved on to Mary Higgens Clark. Then Nicholas Sparks. youjusthrewupinyourmouth. I know. Don’t kick me while I’m down. Continue Reading I was thinking (and how did that go for you?): Romance Novels, Accidental Homicide, Pregnancy Tests….

Sucker punched by my cat.

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Since we got Banjo, the foster german shepherd pup, our kitten, Milo, has been acting like a toddler who got an unwanted baby brother. For a few weeks he refused to come downstairs, only to eat and even then we had to put his food on the top shelf of the desk. Mum found him drinking out of the toilets (blegh) upstairs and I kept finding poop outside of the litterbox in the office (he’s acting out).

Milo’s usually ok with dogs. He’s absolutely perfect with Maggie because she completely ignores him and him her. He’s ok with Molly, who likes to play but doesn’t antagonize him by following him around. He’s comfortable enough to sit on the couch while she lays next to it and he’ll lean down and SWAT at her tail (and then look innocently away as if to say “What? It was a passing breeze”). Continue Reading Sucker punched by my cat….

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