Hobbies include: sitting on babies, impersonating Xena, & breathing.

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I’m still here. Haven’t been abducted by the aliens yet. That’s for another day.

I spent the last week on writing hiatus mostly due to sitting on babies for 7 dollars an hour.

1. Babysat an 11 month old for 3 hours every day (9am-12pm) for a week which takes a lot out of you. Especially waking up at 8am on a summer sleep schedule.

2. On Friday I babysat the 11 month old and my sister babysat a 2 1/2 year old. We were at the same place so we sat on our charges together. It was like real life nanny bonding. Chatting at the park while watching our respective charges amongst the other outsourced babysitters and young mothers (and the rare father), I felt like a bonafide Nanny. Only I wasn’t from another country and the money I made was for my plane ticket for Thanksgiving not a motel and food for the week.

3. Some of you may have noticed that all normal programming was sucked into the black hole of 08 Olympics. I happen to love the Olympics. I don’t resent its monopoly on NBC like I do the Final Four basketball tournaments every year (*die basketball replacing Law and Order!*). The Olympics practically own television 24/7. I love it. With the time change there is always something on, live or prerecorded. The opening ceremony was certainly a statement. But more about that in an entry where I don’t have to pee (it’s cutting off the flow to my intelligent thoughts) and finish picking CSEMs for college.

4. I got paid $3.03 for an article on Associated Content. My first real payout. I plan to buy Renee O Connor’s movie Diamonds and Guns which is $22 something shipping included. And she signs every copy. Only 6 more articles (with payouts) to go!


*Finish picking CSEMS (there are way too many choices in college. I want to take everything. God forbid I miss something and am doomed to living an eternity at home in sweatpants and fielding feuding phone calls between my mother and grandmother.)

*Send Mixed CDs to Steph. (Procrastinating on this because I’ve never been to an actual post office to send something. I’m afraid of the cost.)

*Write 6 more articles for Associated Content.

*Read a book. (You’d think this would be easy. I’ve lost touch with real reading this summer.)


*Feel heart breaking over finally finishing Xena: Warrior Princess Season 6.

*Watch Xena Season 1 to make everything all better.

*Beat raining blood on GH3 (5 stars medium) or die trying.

*Read 5 Anne Sexton poems.

* Make level 20 in World of Warcraft before the 10 day trial expires.

*Update and participate in Brickfish.

*Put an apple on The Other Offspring’s pillow.

*Check to see when the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog DVD and soundtrack come out.

*Pout until She Made Me Watch This! returns.

Oriignal Artwork.

Constructed with – what else? – Microsoft Paint.


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