So you have a TV and it’s throwing the Fall 09 broadcast schedule at you. What should you watch?

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There are so many shows to watch. If we’re talking only new shows HitFlix posted a decent top 12 premiere watch list. And yes, all twelve are on my calendar scrawled over and under Mid-term and paper due dates. That thing nagging you to stop knowing me is my overpowering Geekdome. If we’re talking returning shows we’ve got a delicious platter for you this fall including Dollhouse, Dexter, Chuck, 30 Rock, Leverage, Sanctuary, and Legend of the Seeker (gotta get my Cheese fix somewhere).

I really have no life, but I’m okay with that because I love experiencing new stories through books and, well, TV. Perhaps I’m just fumbling to justify my television addiction (is watching Dollhouse every night any better than an addiction to America’s Next Top Model?)  but there is a lot of well written, acted, and imagined tv out there. You just have to find it…and give it a chance (Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS-hint, hink, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, PUNCH). Continue Reading So you have a TV and it’s throwing the Fall 09 broadcast schedule at you. What should you watch?…


My vagina speaks for itself.

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Natalie Dylan, San Diego native, college student, virign, is selling her deflowerment. So far she’s got a 3.7  million dollar vagina.

Dylan – her pseudonym – claims she needs the money for grad school. The Bunny Ranch in Nevada (where prostitution is legal) is brokering the deal. Her virginity has been up for sale since September 2008. (Why she is using a pseudonym when her picture and hometown – tools it would seem any determined net surfer could use to find her real name – is a mystery).

The plight of Dylan’s viriginty has Americans and the media eagerly tossing out labels: this is a stunt, ingenious, entrepreneurially ballsy, degrading, illegal.

On January 23, 2009 Dylan spoke out through a letter published by the Daily Beast. Essentially Dylan asserts that this is a social experiment. Womens studies classes and college professors got her thinking that virginity is another concept invented by a patriarichal society to keep women in their place. Here is an excerpt:

Like most little girls, I was raised to believe that virginity is a sacred gift a woman should reserve for just the right man. But college taught me that this concept is just a tool to keep the status quo intact. Deflowering is historically oppressive—early European marriages began with a dowry, in which a father would sell his virginal daughter to the man whose family could offer the most agricultural wealth. Dads were basically their daughters’ pimps. Continue Reading My vagina speaks for itself….

The Dark Knight was a Joke.

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Here is my article about why Heath Ledger did not do an Oscar worthy job in the Dark Knight. (No real spoilers that weren’t in the trailers).

Ha. ha. he. he. ho. ho. squee.

Batman circa 2008 can safely yell BINGO! Batman had all the right ducks in all the right rows. Teenage boys? (Explosions!) Check. Teenage Girls? (Explosions, Christian Bale). Check. Adult men and women? (Explosions, famous leads). Check. Older audiences? (Remake comparisons to be done!) check. Comic book mongers? (Batman….) CHECK.

1 + 1 is 1 billion dollars and counting.

Ok. Whatever. Inflation holding it in check, The Dark Knight has a ways to go before it dethrones Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time. And Titanic didn’t come close to the all-ages audience success. Titanic had the awe inspiring direction, the actors, and the plot. The Dark Knight? Ehhhhh. Heath Ledger (first half of movie), ok cool. Heath Ledger (second half of the movie), ehhhh. Continue Reading The Dark Knight was a Joke….

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