i’ve a snuggie. now, for cultish doings.

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My stepmom got me a Snuggie for Christmas. It’s a blanket with sleeves – or as some prefer: a bathrobe worn backwards. The snuggie is in the minority of late-night and early afternoon commericials selling “buy now and get X added for free!” products that made it big. How did a blanket with sleeves, originally marketed as a Slanket according to Wikipedia, make the jump from an absurd commercial to real life?

Good question.

This is a product whose commercial lauds it as a substitute for those pesky blankets that “tangle up your hands”  when you’re reaching for the phone.

Snuggies look more suited for couch potatoe cults, Halloween, sky diving. This parody commercial (of what they call the “WTF blanket” ) plays off the Snuggie’s wizardly structure.

When I tell people that I have a snuggie I get one of three reactions:

The WTF blanket: “I think you just lost status points.”

Hmm: “I don’t know how I feel about you having a Snuggie.”

Opposites Attract: “That’s so fucking dorky. You’re AWESOME.”

I’ve worn my snuggie on a few occasions. Ultimiately, it’s as a simple blanket. I don’t need the sleeve upgrade. It makes things complicated and now I sure as hell do get “tangled up”. At least it came with a book light.

My hallmates want me to wear it around town for a day. They want to document the day in a Snuggie. It has its uses.

On another note:

30% of my fingers are band-aided. I’m like that kid from SpyKids who uses badaids to cover his warts on every finger. My villian: hang nails. They are an invincible nemesis.

Also, my college fucking rocks. It’s like a 1970s sorority. More traditions than the vatican. Tonight was all about welcoming the freshwomen (all girls school) to the community. It was a total surprise. The seniors read us their favorite bedtime stories. Babar. Goodnight Moon. I’ll love you always (half the room was crying after this 3 minute book).

I had reservations about the out of state all girl in the snow thing.

But my school fucking rocks

and I can’t argue with that.



The Magnificent Seven: Holy Cow. Yule Brynner as a cowboy. A must see.

Runaway Jury: pretty good. An orgy of famous people. Kvetch: Jennifer Beals is fucking hot and they showed her at most a total of two minutes in screen time. Unacceptable.

Sabrina: Black and White movies are so distracting. I’d like to know if the sky’s overcast. Or if the grass is dead. I can’t tell that if it’s not in colour. Grr, Arg.

Going to download the new animated Wonder Woman (2009) movie.

Off I be.



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  1. i’m torn between the Snuggie and the Shamwow

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