the sexiest music on the net.

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I owe this new niche in my life to an enlightening post by djhaley. Specifically this post.

Despite its simple (some might say unfortunate) name, seeks to deliver you from the iTunes powerhouse and its unendearing ways. LaLa users have access to the website’s 6 million song catalog and can listen to any and each song once all the way through. For Free.

Away with 30 second snippets of a chorus or instrumental in a song! wasn’t the first the venture into the online music frontier. Others like Pandora, Myspace, Rhapsody, and IMEEM are all hounding the market. Pandora is free and a favorite of mine, though for independent band searching Myspace Music is a first stop.

LaLa started as a CD trading website (a NetFlix like program, it cost only $1.75 a CD swap). It now sells CDs, offers downloads from 10 to 89 cents, and allows users to upload their libraries for access wherever there is internet.



In other news:

My grandmother sent me this link:


I forwarded it to my mother and aunt with this haiku:

Don’t know what to think
when my grandma sends me a
“Find the nude dude” link.


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