The Dark Knight was a Joke.

August 12, 2008 at 5:23 pm | Posted in opinion | 2 Comments
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Here is my article about why Heath Ledger did not do an Oscar worthy job in the Dark Knight. (No real spoilers that weren’t in the trailers).

Ha. ha. he. he. ho. ho. squee.

Batman circa 2008 can safely yell BINGO! Batman had all the right ducks in all the right rows. Teenage boys? (Explosions!) Check. Teenage Girls? (Explosions, Christian Bale). Check. Adult men and women? (Explosions, famous leads). Check. Older audiences? (Remake comparisons to be done!) check. Comic book mongers? (Batman….) CHECK.

1 + 1 is 1 billion dollars and counting.

Ok. Whatever. Inflation holding it in check, The Dark Knight has a ways to go before it dethrones Titanic as the highest grossing movie of all time. And Titanic didn’t come close to the all-ages audience success. Titanic had the awe inspiring direction, the actors, and the plot. The Dark Knight? Ehhhhh. Heath Ledger (first half of movie), ok cool. Heath Ledger (second half of the movie), ehhhh.

I thought The Dark Knight was OK. I’d probably see it again; the plot was convoluted enough to rival National Treasure 2. The special effects were big, but expected. Mostly, I think The Dark Knight passed up script coherency (and competency) for the sure money making stunts.

The Dark Knight: B+. Does it deserve an Oscar for script? No. Direction? No. Special Effects. Definitely in contention. Acting? No.

I wrote my first article for Associated Content. Weee. My first payment. $3.03 and $1.50 for every thousand views. So, allow me to whore myself out.

Here is my article about why Heath Ledger did not do an Oscar worthy job in the Dark Knight.



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  1. Are you nuts! He did an amazing job, you got no clue what your talking about!


  2. Nuts, yes. But not for disliking this film.

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