Harry Potter, Kris Kringle, and Jesus.

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sorry to burst your hot hair balloon, but that’s no secret.

My mum and I rented the Kate Blanchet movie The Gift. Rating: Eh. About a woman who sees visions.

My mum said, “I believe in ESP. Do you?” “Like what, you can tell what im thinking?” “No. Hightened perception. I believe everyone has it but some are more in tune to it.” “You believe people have visions?” “Yes.” “So you believe Tarot cards work?” “Sure.”

I said, “I believe in Harry Potter. And I believe in Jesus. Jesus was a door to door salesman with a well crafted and extra contagious pitch. Santa isn’t real.”

“How did I raise such a cynical child?” “Mom, you told me Santa wasn’t real. Probably around the same time I found out about the tooth fairy.”

“But I believe in Kris Kringle.”

I do believe that people who claim to be “witches” or fortune tellers have gifts. They are very good character readers. Like the USA show PSYCH. Sean, the main character, is very good at noticing small details. He uses these details to solve cases, though he does it under the guise of having “visions”.

Every gift is a curse. Humans are built for deciet and latent truths. They aren’t ready for people that can see through the shit.


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