The Guild and Dr. Horrible….in your pants.

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10 online episodes each about 4 minutes. Written by Felicia Day, a Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog star, The Guild is a complete YouTube lowrent broadcast (with great production quality for a YouTube vid). It centers around six online gaming addicts (presumably to a World of Warcraftesque game) who are all in the same online Guild. The main character, Codex (Day), begins each ep with a vlog mini monologue. Two of Day’s costars she knew previously from improv. The rest of the cast was gathered via casting directer. My favorite character is the neglegent mother, Clara, whose priorities align themselves GAME > life. Episode One begins when Codex finds that her guildmate whom she has been flirting with online is on her doorstep in the (as he calls it) “physical realm”. He did some sketchy internet stalking and found out everything about Codex. “Isn’t that cool?” codex: “yeah. um no, no not really. … You’re in my house….Why are you…here?” Gets funnier every ep.

Update: Dr. Horrible watch count: 8 times all the way through.

The Other Offspring and I have memorized the song On The Rise with the help of transcribed lyrics from Would kill the Happy Go Lucky Fluffy Bunny to get the DVD and soundtrack and a tshirt immediately.

So I bought all three acts on iTunes despite my hatred for the shod that is that “music marketplace”. Grrr. iTunes hides behind its big record supporters and their one download policies and then does little to fix glitches that crash your iTunes library and erase all purchased downloads (that is a serious loss in cash flow, especially considering that it is very easy to download 100+ 99 cent songs in a month let alone a years worth of iTunes bad bad addiction). iTunes and its followers have a false confidence that, as one iTunes supporter posted, “who uses CDs anymore?”.

I do. I find ipod jacks in the car more dangerous than cellphones. I refuse to get one. I also love music and made a few mix CDs to get me from place to place. I’m having problems making more than one CD with the same song because of iTunes’ asshat copyright policies. I stopped downloading songs from them a few months ago. Perhaps I wouldn’t be bitter if I had free iTunes all the time (my uncle, in fact does work for Apple and as I hear it he gets a good life in freebees); but as you can tell, I do not. Thus I will remain the bitter arch nemesis of The Fruit’s music prodegy. I do have an iPod. I didn’t say it wasn’t useful, if not a pain in the asscrack.


I found the following vlog funny and entertaining. I found it, as you may notice, due to its Dr. Horrible tag. The poster begins talking about Dr. Horrible. And yes. I laughed at the In Your Pants Jokes. I tried explaining That’s What She Said to my mother and on a separate day to my grandfather recently.

Me: “Mom, you know when you were a kid you’d say “in bed” after song lyrics to make it sexual? My generation, with our more sexually overt minds, changed it to That’s What She Said.”
Mom: “I don’t get it.”

Me: “You know how some people used to say “in bed” after lyrics to make it sexual?”
Grandfather: “What are you talking about?”

Grandmother (leaving a message on the answering machine): “Hi I’m calling to tell you I sent you an email. Call me when you get it.”


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