Backseat Dryad performing now! Naming Your Band for Dummies.

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Backseat Dryad.

It’s a band name that I cooked up in my head two seconds ago. I quite like it. So I’m documenting.

I have this thing with band names. They’re usually stupid. Naming Your Band For Dummies: 1) think of a noun 2) add this noun to On Rye. (note that 99% of the following examples are real self professed band names most of which I gleaned from a 60s Canadian Garage Band website.)

I decided that if you add anything to On Rye, it works. Naturally the first noun most people (er, at least that is that I)pick for any example (not quite sure why) is Socks. Ergo, SocksOnRye.

Pinnacle on Rye. Backburner on Rye. Mother in Law on Rye.

There’s a (very good) band – Bread. I mean really. How did they ever come up with that? “Let’s see. We have all our band members, now a name. (pause) *sees bread on the counter* How about BREAD?”

Naming Your Band for Dummies, Chapter 2.

Using common phrases is often deemed clever. Or use a title, perhaps phrased as if a newspaper headline. e.g. No Lifeguard on Duty. The Bad Experience. The Human Equation. Abscence of Reason. Society of Sound. No Left Turns.

Chapter 3. Adjectives are essential in this name game. Make a noun an adjective; use an adjective to describe an abstract idea. e.g. Streetlight Manifesto. Maroon 5. Sir Five.

Chapter 4. 1) pick a noun 2) add “The” in front. e.g. The Knacks, The Rubber Band, The Ramparts, The Californians, The Gang, The Epics. Or in one Canadian band’s case simply just “T.H.E.”

Chapter 5. Make your band name into a question. e.g “Whodunnit” “The Wha?” “What’s Left.”

Chapter 6. connect two words or two phrases with an ampersand (&). E.g. Him & Others. Tim Tam & Turn-Ons. Cobwebs & Strange.

I could go on for days. Seriously, though. I meant for this entry to have one line.

Backseat Dryads.

But you see how I love tangents.

Band names off the tip of my fingers…

Addled Ohs, Nor Do I, Weed & Happenstance, Dot the i You me, Not My Deodand, 2 Cents and Pie, Pencil Trick, This is a Band, Pallid Reality, The Ampersands & AltDel, Allergic to Orange (the latter is my sister’s Guitar Hero band. Mine is at the moment – Schmuck Corner).

Note that I don’t usually know the meaning of the words in my head, I just have them filed away (usually because i like how they sound). Thus, the fatal flaw to my vocabulary. So words like syzygy (i actually do know what that means), sororocide, and deodand are just floating around my brain with no actual substance behind them. I could go on forever. But I suppose you have things to not do elsewhere.

I was looking for a comic to end this wayward ramble with and it occured to me that these rules all apply to naming comic strips as well. See a few of my favourites: The Rut. The Urf. See Mike Draw. Ctrl Alt Del. Toothpaste for Dinner.

SHADDUP. *cane around the neck to the applause of people with lives everywhere*


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