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I have never seen Firefly, but I’ve heard a lot about the “best show to ever to be so prematurely canceled”. I plan on buying the DVD. I never saw an entire season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the cult favorite. Both are Whedon brother creations.

I have seen How I Met Your Mother with supporting actor Neil Patrick Harris as an AWE – wait for it wait for it – SOME character.

Now the Whedon brothers have come up with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long-Blog, an internet musical of three episodes (each 13 minutes long) starring NPH, Nathon Fallon, and Felicia Day. the Blog was penned during the writer’s strike and is available online until July 20 for free. The last installment episode comes out July 19. The eps are available for $2 each on iTunes. I encourage you all to watch and buy the eps from iTunes. This is an attempt to break free from the big studios and help let the filmakers of the next generation get on the scene without selling their souls to the studios first. This project has to make money from its first free internet release and then later iTunes and DVD releases to pay back production costs and cast and crew.

So watch it and beat the system.

And because the show is hilarious.

Edit (addendum): I bought all 3 eps from iTunes. I want the soundtrack now. Like a three year old in the toy section, gimme the soundtrack gimme gimme gimme.


Funny sidenote: A youtube fan’s response to the show (his audition to be a bad guy sidekick).


Also, another blogger brought this trailer for a movie in production to my attention. It is a take off of a video game. I don’t think it is available for xbox.

I want that game.


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