Banjo’s surgery & wedding cake makery

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The vet called my mum’s cell phone on Wednesday at 10am. “We can do Banjo’s surgery now.”

Mom (at work): “Umok? He ate breakfast already, is that ok?” Vet: “Yeah, yeah just bring him in. You can pick him up at 7am tomorrow.” Mom: “Ummmok?”

Mom (calling me frantically): “wakeupyouhavetotakebanjotothevet.” Me: “umok?”

We didn’t even get to spoil the puppy before he got ripped into by the humans in masks.

Mom picked him up the next morning and called the house crying because Banjo was crying and looked so pitiful. His hip and side are shaved to the skin and the skin along the hipbone is stapled together. It oozes and bleeds when he gets agitated or when he walks (which is a lot despite our attempts to keep him in one place).

Downside: We have to keep this pup, who lived in a shelter for who knows how long, in a crate for two months. He HATES the crate. When he was well it took all three of us to shove him in (we tried treats and sibling even CRAWLED into the crate once to see if he’d follow). After a few nights Banjo showed enormous resolve, digging in to the floor and refusing to go anywhere near the crate when it was bedtime. So we let him sleep free and took to wondering what chewed up surprise we’d find in the morning. “Ooops, hope you didn’t like that hair clip.” “Um, yeah those sunglasses you bought at the fair?” “HE ATE A BOX OF SEWING NEEDLES?? It’s not my day to pick up poop.”

The first few hours he was home it took us a good ten plus minutes to maneuver him into the crate and that was with everyone holding a side and shoving him (gentlygently) in. Banjo’s puppy eyes almost killed me.

Luckily Katie came by and pointed out to my mother – mid grapple with the dog after his bathroom break – that the crate’s top comes off. So now we unscrew the top walk the dog into the crate (which is getting harder because he is so damn smart) and then screw the top back on.

With all that crazy, Banjo also has a pill schedule with the looks of my grandfather’s. Pills with dinner, pain meds every six hours, and another bottle of meds at breakfast and dinner. poor kid.

After dropping Banjo back at home, mom went back to work leaving us with the instructions that banjo needed pain meds every six hours – his next installment at noon. Sibling and I played battleship next to his crate and then Katie came over and flipped in Bruce Almighty. I fell asleep. Woke up at 1 to mum calling to see how banjo took his meds. Ooops.

Good thing i was never on Lost, pushing that red button on the designated time. For the record, I don’t watch the show I just happen to know abou the button. Eh, show. Xena kicks its sorry Lost butt.

In the midst of all of this sick puppy commotion, mum’s friend from college drove down from Arizona and is staying at our house while she makes a wedding cake for a wedding today. So our fridge was emptied to make room for what would be a three layered wedding cake. That I couldn’t touch. Mmm. Cake is like a finger licking magnet. But I behaved. Partly because it was Carrot cake. icks.

The closer season 4 disc 1 came today. HIP HIP HORRAY. <2 Kyra Sedgwick

AP scores haven’t come yet. Did I get a 1 or a 2 on the Stat? The mystery keeps me lightfooted.

Saw Get Smart. I don’t have the original to hold it up to and subsequently be outraged at Hollywood’s dasterdly remake. So all in all Steve Carrell works it well. But Anne Hathaway as his love interest? Are we so starved for on screen kissing that we need Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway pairings? Really? Really?



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  1. Sorry about your foster puppy. Hope he’s jumping around again soon. ❤

  2. Xena warcries and runs off a tree and flips through the air and lands on its sorry Lost butt (yeehaw!!) or (yee-aw-ee-aw-ee-aw-ee-aw-ee-aw). So since there’s bound to be somebody around the house with a sadsad Banjo is this a good week for me to drop by and watch tv?

  3. YES. I’m Netflixing the Lyre Lyre DVD and I’ll probably get it by Wednesday. I have to babysit until 4, but after 5 (have to drive home)?

  4. i agree with the get smart – it was funny tho
    u havent got your aps yet? im bumbed that they dont count for college for me – i actually got good scores this time *sigh* more proof that the AP gods are out to get us

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