On the soul & abortion, from the mixed up files of a high school classroom.

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You’d think that smile at a girl would be on Monday (before the approach). I’m not sure if this is an aspiring lesbian readying to jump right in before she chickens out, a man that writes SEX in block letters with a heart, or a woman trying to help her male friend out with a how to bag (an easy?) girl grocery list.

(Since I’m kind of missing school and its slight brain nourishment…the following recounts a diary entry from the school year.)

Today my philosophical musings led me to draw on my hand in blue permenant maker. Thomas was excitedly exploring the tangent of religious toast. Evolution was a bust. “We all could have come out as Religious Toast!” Professor:  “How are Religious Toast different from regular toast?” Thomas in his very accented very eager schoolboy way: “But that’s it! It’s all random!!”

But back to my hand.

It occured to me as I stared at the newly blue dyed hand skin mollecules that everything exists, but must be revealed. If you look close enough, the word “R toast”, is a collection of carefully coloured skin mollecules all criss crossing into one another to make an r and a toast. R toast is till on my hand without the added colouring, but I would not discover it without the permenant marker’s help. It was very deep thinking invoked by hand drawing.

The second phrase scrawled with a fat blue permenant marker: “Lux Thought”. Is it a luxery to think? Are id desire motivated animals to be envied? You want sex? Have sex. You want food? Eat a blade of grass. You cold? Dig a hole. Is self awareness a curse? Which brings me back to “every gift is a curse”. And round and round we go.

Interestingly, we explored what a soul is. God’s gift of spirituality which he takes back when we die? The conversation drifted to the movie 21 ounces. Supposedly, a dead body loses 21 ounces, explained, as one physician boldly stated, by the loss of a soul to God upon death. Stephen asserted that if the soul can be lost, is it thrust into us at conception, does it grow, and if it weighs 21 ounces then anything that does not weight 21 ounces is not “alive”? Professor Dr. exclaimed “Stephen! You might be the first person ever to take this argument and be able to apply it to abortion! For if a fetus does not weigh 21 ounces it must not have a soul and thus cannot be considered “alive” and with unalienable rights!” “You should present it to congress” said Melissa.

It was interesting.

Whoever said religion was boring? Oh, that’s right. I meant that Jewish History, no offense, is a long drowsy class. The religion philosophy cocktail is quite a punch. But then Bullshit is always fun to prod.


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